V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch)


Many owners of long-barreled rifles and shotguns struggle to find a balance between security and ease of access when it comes to storing a weapon for self-defense.

Simple stuffing your gun in the mattress or behind a bedpost can lead to several unwanted scenarios, including theft of your weapon, the use of your gun in commission of a crime against your family, or even use of the firearm by children.

The V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe provides multiple security features that help you get in quick and keep anyone else out for good. The slim design of this gun safe makes it a favorite among gun safe review sites.

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Size & Weight: (8/10)

This gun safe boasts a lightweight design that still allows for maximum security, though for some gun owners, the desire for a little more interior room still remains.

The dimensions of this gun safe are a slim 3.5 x 12 x 42 inches, making it just large enough to house a single medium to long barreled weapon, and, depending on the gun, some additional ammunition or accessories.

At just 25 pounds, this model is easy to transport, that is, if it’s not mounted securely to your floor, wall, door, or bedframe.

Construction & Wall Thickness: (10/10)

Don’t allow the smaller size of the V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe to fool you, as the lack of bulk does not equal a lack of durability and security.

Thick solid steel construction combined with a clam-shell design adds up to a pry resistant place to keep your defensive weapon. A black premium powder-coating finishes the exterior of this unit with a sleek and stealthy look to match its integrity.

Pre-drilled with holes to assist with mounting, both selecting and installing this safe are quick and simple.

Locking Method & Speed of Access: (10/10)

Like its construction features, the locking mechanisms of the V-Line leave nothing to be desired.

A mechanical combination lock requiring no batteries or electricity is the centerpiece of its design, providing quick and reliable access to your weapon even when you are rushing to reach for your defensive sidearm.

Two keyed locks flank the combination lock for additional security when you need it, allowing you to ensure that theft or accidental access are avoided at all costs.

The ability to mount this gun safe almost anywhere grants additional ease of access, and its portability adds convenience to its repertoire.

Fire & Flood Protection: (8/10)

While not officially rated for fire or flood, a solid steel housing like the one found on this safe is a sure way to protect from the elements under most circumstances.

With no electronic elements to be affected by water, it gives the owner peace of mind to know that a simple splash won’t leave them locked out of their own weapons stash.

Our Rating: (9/10)

Offering both quick access and extra security when needed, and mounting to almost any surface and space possible, the V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe gets stellar ratings as one of the most versatile gun safes for sale.

Portability and permanence, multiple locking methods and compact design lead us to believe that this may be the perfect single rifle quick access safe available.

You certainly get all the bang for your buck you expect when you invest in this model for your gun storage needs. Most importantly, you will know that your gun is safely stowed away until you need it, and that it will most certainly be ready and waiting when you do.

You won’t regret your decision if you purchase this multi-purpose, compact rifle safe.


V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch)
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V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch)

V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch)

Size & Weight


    Construction & Wall Thickness


      Locking Method & Speed of Access


        Fire & Flood Protection



          • Keyless High Grade Lock
          • 2 Additional Keyed locks for added security
          • Front/Top Opening- can be mounted upright or hanging on a wall or door.