Best Dress Watches Under $1000: Top 10

Watches – beautiful, elegant, stylish, lovely, luxury watches. All of us love them, and most of us have plenty. Even though pretty much any kind of watch is super stylish, dress watches are some of the most exciting out there. The problem arises when you want to buy a new dress watch or two. When you have hundreds of options in front of your eyes that make you drool, picking just one or two is no easy task. That is why we picked what we thought the best dress watches under 1000. This list contains the top 5 men’s watches, and the top 5 women’s watches – chosen after comparing various factors. But the listed 10 watches are not all you will find here. In addition, we have provided links to pages that contain hundreds of heart-melting watches. So ladies and gentlemen, here comes the list containing the top 10 dress watches. Enjoy:

Top 5 $1000 Dress Watches for Men


1. TAG Heuer Men’s WAU1111.BA0858 Formula 1 Watch


With shiny stainless steel finish and appealing white dial, this watch makes you its fan instantly. The second subdial, having black background, is interesting to say the least. And its water resistance up to 660-feet makes it a faithful partner during scuva diving trips. This sapphire-finished analog watch is almost as elegant as it gets for 1000 bucks.



2. Hamilton Navy Pioneer Men’s H78465553 Watch


There is something understatedly classy about watches that combine brown with shiny white. This Hamilton, boasting of calfskin-finish and silver dial, does just that. And it does that very stylishly, too. The design is such that it can make you the center of attention in almost any party or occasion.



3. Movado Luno Sport 606378 Men’s Watch


This watch reaffirms that simplicity never was, and never will be, out of fashion. With sparkling stainless steel finish, this watch does not try to make itself loud in any way. Yet, it steals the show with elegance. This Swiss watch will make you look like a million bucks every time you pair it with a nice suit.



4. Gucci YA126402 G-Timeless Men’s Medium Watch


Water resistant to 165 feet, this Gucci makes swimming attractive. The anti-reflective coating is just genius, and so is its crystal sapphire body. Whether you love Gucci or hate Gucci, once you put it on your wrist, this watch will make you want to show it off to everyone.



5. Tissot T0134204420200 Touch Expert Men’s Watch


Titanium bracelet combined with carbon dial is not everyone’s thing, we know that. But those who love it will love it unconditionally. This Tissot is the most popular watch of this list. Its water resistant depth is 330-feet and the scratch-resistant sapphire finish is a delight to look at.


So you have seen our picks for the finest for men. But you know what? You have seen nothing if you haven’t visited this page containing 100s of extraordinary dress watches to choose from.


Top 5 $1000 Dress Watches for Women


Gentlemen, your journey ends here (but not before you visit the page mentioned above). Now we will focus on the 5 most amazing dress watches for gorgeous ladies:

1. Movado 604982 Amorosa Diamond-Accented Women’s Bangle Watch


To be very honest, if you are someone who goes by the reviews, we want to say that you just have to pick this watch. You do not even have to see the other options listed below. This one is the superstar celebrity of dress watches for ladies in this price range. You will fall in love with the diamond-accented lugs instantly, and the sapphire crystal dial will make you adore it even more.



2. Michele CSX-36 Day Women’s Diamond Watch


This is one of those watches which you can buy with eyes closed and still know that it will be a big hit in the end. The greatest thing about it is that you can wear it for parties where you want to look a bit flashy, or you can wear it daily too. The understated luxurious finish is worth killing for.



3. Versace VFF040013 Dafne Rose Gold Ion-Plated Women’s Watch


Note that its rose gold finish screams classiness. So if classy is not your thing, then avoid it. But if classy is exactly your thing, then its Greca pattern will make you happy like nothing else ever will. It is a fantastic piece to gift others, as well as to buy for your own satisfaction.



4. Movado 0606505 Museum Women’s Bracelet Watch


It is an understated watch that will be your friend in every walk of life. The stainless steel finish is nice, having likeable design. It is a simple watch overall, but in no way bland or boring. If you like to draw attention to yourself in a soft way, then this watch will serve you faithfully.



5. Versace P5Q80D009 S009 Vanity Women’s Watch with Leather Strap


What makes this watch stand out is the presence of Medusa studs on shiny black leather strap. Now you may like it or may not like it – that is up to you; but this piece is unique, you cannot deny that. With roman numerals and rose gold finish, it is a worthy competitor.


That was just the trailer. The real goldmine of $1000 women’s dress watches is in this page, so make sure that you explore that page before leaving.


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