Best Turntables Under $1000: Top 5

Most people only use cheap turntables and think that the truly great ones are the same. They could not be more wrong. You can only understand how amazing turntables are when you are willing to spend at least $500. In this post, we list the 5 most wonderful turntables below $1000:

1. Pro-Ject 2Xperience Basic with Blue Point II Cartridge


This model is one of the finest Pro-Ject has ever released. The turntable comes with a non-mounted Sumiko Blue Point No. 2 Cartridge and Precision-Based MDF Platter. The motor makes almost no noise and the vibration level is low, too, thanks to its removable capacity from the plinth. The stainless steel axle runs on a plate with Teflon, enabling it to have good speed and stability. With height-adjustable and rubber coated aluminum feet, the turntable can be leveled with ease and set up anywhere. It is perfect for anyone seeking out clear, pristine sound quality from their vinyl, and is as best as it gets below $1000.


2. Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Professional CD/MP3 Turntable


Pioneer needs no introduction. The company’s equipments are used by countless international celebrities. The CDJ-1000MK3 features open compatibility with CD, CD-R and CD-RW for CD and MP3 audio. With the multi-read format, one can make quality CDs and MP3s with one solid device. Features include cue functions, such as auto cue, real time cue and cue marker displays, as well as Legato link conversion, shock-proof memory and anti-vibration construction. The CDJ-1000MK3 even includes an improvement on the jog dial and a real-time seamless loop. We recommend it highly.


3. Music Hall MMF-5.1 Audiophile Turntable


Coming from the well-known Music Hall Company, the MMF-5.1 audiophile turntable makes it clear that it has been designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality. Having a unique dual plinth construction, it ensures low-vibration and surface noise. The center of gravity is leveled with the stylus tip, and the asynchronous motor is isolated separately. The internal tone-arm is highly flexible and made from pure copper. Considered as one of the best value analog packages, the MMF-5.1 can be easily set up for enjoyment within minutes. Most people prefer this turntable for the combination of greatness and affordability. Others prefer it for its durability and lower overall surface noise.


4. Rega RP1 Turntable with Performance Pack


Designed by Rega, this turntable features the latest Rega RB 101 tone-arm. This version includes the Rega performance pack, which includes the Bias 2 photo cartridge, upgraded drive belt and high performance turntable mat. With increased drive comes greater speed, accuracy and stability, which one can notice particularly during extended music. The performance pack also includes the Ortofon OM5e moving magnet cartridge. The RB101 tone-arm is hand assembled, mainly meant for precision. The turntable also includes a noiseless, low-vibration motor. Most people aim for this one because of the amazing features, most of which are kept in reserve for more expensive turntables. The turntable has a modern look which makes things even more pleasant.


5. Thorens TD170S Automatic Belt Drive Turntable


The Thorens TD 170-1 has 3 speeds, and you can play shellac records at 78 rpm. It has a fully automatic drive system, and electronically controlled DC motor. The automatic return function is a good addition, and there is arm-lift, as well. What makes it special is the presence of Thorens precision belt drive, low-noise bearing system, and OMB-10 cartridge.


All of the above products are great. If you have never used expensive turntables before, you will truly feel the difference once you start using any of the listed products.


Best Turntables Under $1000: Top 5
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