Best Rowing Machines Under $1000: Top 3

Few exercise equipments can compete with a rower when it comes to providing full body exercise without putting unnecessary pressure on the joints. While most fitness equipments, like treadmills and elliptical machines, demand a fortune if you want good quality, great rowing machines are available for less than $1000. Especially, the following three models are exceptionally good for the price:

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine with PM5


Let us tell you that it is rarer than rare to find a fitness machine like this. There is nothing that is bad about it, and everything you find is better than good. It is a dream machine having smooth motions, super easy setup consuming less than 5 minutes, and many other great things on offer. It makes almost no noise, and the nickel-plated chain is really worth having. The seat is 14-inch high, and you get a Performance Monitor 5 with adjustable arm. Storing it is super easy too, since the rower can be separated into 2 pieces quickly. For easy mobility, caser wheels are present as well. It comes with a 5-year warranty, which is good enough. Despite having over 50 reviews on Amazon, this product has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars! We are going to say that even if you buy it with your eyes closed, you will be super happy with your purchase.



Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower


When we were researching the different rowing machines available under 1000 dollars, we found this machine to be recommended by almost all experts. Having Drum Magnetic Control and electronic tension control, this indoor rower operates very smoothly. There are wheels for movement, and storage is not a problem since it folds. While doing cardio using it, joints do not suffer at all. Further, the resistance can be increased enough to challenge even the experts. This 275-pound machine offers 12 programs, 6 preset and manual. The LCD is large enough to read easily. The only downside is that, at times, its heart monitor does not work very accurately. Other than that, assembly is easy, the electronics work well, the construction quality is decent and heavy, and its appearance gives the impression that it costs twice its price.



Stamina Avari Magnetic Exercise Rower


At first, we wanted to pick the ProRower RX-750, but then chose this one as our third recommendation. This machine, consisting of an aluminum beam, has a very sturdy construction. The best parts about this rower are its compactness, quietness of operation, excellent construction and easy assembly. You get 6 cardio profiles, 4 custom programs, 1 heart rate program, and 1 manual program. The monitor can track distance, calories, tracking time, strokes, watt and pulse. If you want a machine that you can use easily even in compact places, then this should be your choice.



Even though there are many other likeable rower models available in this price range, we found that none were as good as the above three.


Best Rowing Machines Under $1000: Top 3
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