Best Propane Grills Under $1000: Top 5

Have you wondered which propane grills are loved by experts and users alike? Well, if you have, that’s good. Because we have got answer for you. After viewing recommendations from several reputed websites, reading expert reviews, and going through countless consumer opinions, we picked the following 5 as the top propane grills below $1000 in 2016:

1. Weber Genesis 6531001 E-330 38,000-BTU Liquid-Propane Grill


Picking the best propane gas grill below $1000 was not really a hard task, thanks to this amazing model. Available in 3 shades – black, copper and green, this Weber Genesis has satisfied thousands of grill enthusiasts since its launch. The presence of over 500 positive Amazon reviews is enough proof that this grill shouts quality. This well-built appliance will give you 637 square inches of cooking space – which is a lot, and 3 stainless steel burners. It always heats food evenly, and it warms up very fast. The construction quality is really good, too. Further, it looks fantastic from the outside.



2. Dyna-Glo Stainless Premium 5-Burner Propane Grill


This grill has 5 powerful burners. In addition to straight tube burners, you get side burner having 12,000 BTU capacity, and rotisserie burner with similar capacity. So everything combined, you get 79,000 BTUs of capacity. Its stainless steel cooking grates are well-made, and the moment you see this thing, you realize quickly that the construction quality is very fine. Its popularity has risen since the start of 2016. It is one of the most popular grills in the market right now, and judging by the fact that it heats up fast and cooks food evenly, we think that it deserves every bit of attention it gets. In addition, setting it up is quick and easy. We very highly recommend it.



3. Weber 6511001 E-310 637 Square-Inch Propane Gas Grill


Obviously, if you know a bit about grills, you expected to see a few Webers on this list even before reading it. Well, to be honest, Weber does make exceptionally good grills. This particular model has a thermometer that gives nearly accurate readings, and there are 6 tool hooks. Its individual electronic ignition is something to like about, and all the 3 stainless-steel burners work great. This 150-pound appliance will easily exceed your expectations, and we are not the only ones saying that.



4. Weber Genesis 6570001 S-330 Stainless-Steel Liquid Propane Gas Grill


Easy heat control is the best thing about this appliance. But that is not the only thing great about it. The 6570001 has 7mm stainless steel grates, and there are Flavorizer bars made of the same material. Its heavy-duty swivel casters make operation easy, and a total area of 637 square inches makes cooking fun. The design is nothing especial, with typical Weber highlights, but still it looks fantastic in any kitchen. It is definitely worth buying for the price.



5. Holland HGG421900 Liberty Propane Gas Grill


You may think that we are a bit crazy to list this among the best grills, but this model is a really good option if you are willing to look past the fact that it is not very well-known or popular. The grill has 4 steel legs, and there are 2 wheels that let you move it easily. The burners actually come with lifetime warranty, and since the grill offers indirect flame, food always comes out delicious and well-cooked. Definitely one of those grills that offer far more than you pay for.



We cannot guarantee that you will love our recommendations to the core. However, if you take your time and do your research well, we are pretty sure that you will end up shortlisting the same models in the end.

Best Propane Grills Under $1000: Top 5
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