Best Office Chairs Under $1000: Top 3

Paying 1000 dollars for an office chair may seem like an expensive thing to do, even in 2016. But the truth is that there are chairs that actually deserve that much money. Think we are lying? Just have a look at these top office chairs costing less than $1000:

Herman Miller Aeron PostureFit Office Chair


Quite possibly the most comfortable office chair available in the market right now, this Aeron offers excellent lumber support that can be adjusted with an easy-to-use knob. The arm rest lock is excellent, and there are countless ways you can adjust this chair to suit your needs. It looks fantastic too, and since it is made of mesh fabric, it is quite different than traditional office chairs. You get a 12-year warranty that covers pretty much everything, starting from tilts, casters etc. to small moving parts. If you work at home, or spend at least 8 or 9 hours in the office, you should buy this chair right away. After all, the postural support you get is second to none. Plus, this chair is usually respected more than its direct competitors by chair enthusiasts.



Ergohuman Swivel Highly Adjustable Mesh Chair


The top 100 office chair list features Aerons on a regular basis, but the same list also features many other great brands. Not as beautiful as the above Aeron perhaps, but this nylon caster chair provides a lot of adjustments and features, including tilt lock, seat height adjustment, arm height adjustment, tilt tension control and more. The company made it using 97 percent recyclable components, which is praiseworthy to say the least. With excellent ergonomics and wonderful air circulation mechanism, this chair deserves to be called one of the best office chairs ever made. You can easily spend over 7 or 8 hours sitting on it without facing any issues. The assembly is easy, too.



Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair


Despite the Eurotech High Back Ergonomic Chair being one very good option, we ended up picking this one as our third and last recommendation. We picked it not only because most user reviews are extremely positive, but also because it is one of the finest deals for the price overall. The chair looks very high end, and it is easy to mistake it as a more expensive chair than its actual worth. The LiveBack feature adapts to mimic and support the spine, and the Natural Glide System makes reclining extremely comfortable. Immense attention has been given even to the smallest details by the manufacturer, and as a result, the quality of finish of this product is just fabulous. For an office chair under $1000, this one has the ability to steal the show in a second.



 (The above chairs were picked only after comparing several factors, including price, newness, popularity and features, of over 27 well-known options.)


Best Office Chairs Under $1000: Top 3
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