Best Mattresses Under $1000: Top 5

Based on the fact that an average human being sleeps almost 8 hours a day, which ultimately means that one-third of one’s life is spent on the bed itself, a good mattress seems to be one of the very basic needs of life. Yes, you heard it right, ‘need’. So if you are in a position to buy a new mattress, you must analyze your options well. Deciding which mattress to buy is never a simple task. That is why, we have listed the best mattresses you can get under 1000 dollars, after comparing a number of top-quality mattresses. All of these mattresses are available in different sizes:

1. Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress


The great thing about this mattress is that it is 100% USA manufactured. Even its components are made in the country itself. This 12-inch memory foam has 3 layers, and it is the best mattress you can get under 1000 bucks in our opinion. First of all, it is as comfortable as it gets. It doesn’t really have any repulsive odor either. It is not too soft, and the hardness is just right for most people. When it comes to customer reviews, the experiences described are excellent. We honestly think that you should go for this mattress, because if we had to, we would go for this too without any hesitation. One more plus point is that the company support is truly concerned about its customers.



2. SilverRest Sleep Products Therapeutic  Memory Foam Mattress with Cool AirFlow


The first thing that strikes out about this mattress is its 120 day trail and 20 years warranty period. Now that’s something to be impressed about. Honestly, the company must have an ultimate level of guts and confidence on its product to provide such a long trial period, and we think the confidence is justified. The first one or two days, you may encounter a bit of odor, but that’s pretty normal with mattresses. The softness is satisfactory, and it has very advanced technology overall. Definitely have a look at it, you won’t regret it.



3. Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress


If you’ve noticed, the first product listed is from Dreamfoam too. The company makes so excellent mattresses and the service is so sincere that we just couldn’t make peace by listing just one mattress. It is USA made too, and common technologies like dust-mite resistance, high density base etc. are present. The unique aspect is that you can select your firmness level, and the company designs the product only after you describe what is expected. If you want a latex mattress, this is the one to go. The comfort level, of course, is totally great.



4. DynastyMattress Luxury Grand Memory Foam Mattress


With this mattress too comes 120 days trial and 20 years of warranty. The delivery of the product, unfortunately, is not the greatest in some of the cases. Other than that, the mattress itself is pretty good. The customer reviews are mostly positive, however, there are little dissatisfactions here and there for some. We think you can go for this mattress, but be sure to read all the customer reviews carefully, and when you are satisfied, only then make the purchase. It is a very popular mattress by the way, just so you know.



5. Night Therapy Euro Top Spring Mattress


Being a little on the firmer side, this mattress has satisfied most of its customers very well. It doesn’t require any assembly, and although there is likely to be odor when you first open it, it will be gone within a few hours. The value for money you get is truly good, and even though it is listed at the fifth spot of this list, do not think that it is not a great mattress, because it is. Be sure to read the customer reviews and product details and decide for yourself.



The above mattresses are the ones we think you should go for if you’re buying one under $1000. Most of the companies to which these mattresses belong have incredibly supportive team, too.

Best Mattresses Under $1000: Top 5
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