Best Gun Safes Under $1000: Top 5

If you own a few guns or rifles, one thing is certain: you cannot compromise safety at any cost. Having a high-quality gun safe is a necessity of life, nothing less. So if you want to buy a new safe, congrats! We strongly urge you to view the 100 bestselling gun safes. In case your budget is under $1000, the following 5 are your best bets:

1. Stack-On FS-24-MG-C Fire Resistant Safe with Combination Lock


After much deliberation, we chose it as the best safe below 1000 bucks, instead of choosing any of its direct rivals. This solidly built safe, weighing over 500-pounds, is not a very highly priced option, but it offers incredible value for your money. It comes with 4 adjustable shelves, and the company has designed it to hold 24 firearms that are 54-inches tall or less. The lock you get is 3-number combination type, and the carpeted interior looks pretty satisfactory. The best part about this safe is its wonderful green epoxy design that features silk screen and gold accents. Further, the fact that Stack-On has a reputation of taking care of its customers well makes this safe all the more attractive.



2. Mesa Safe MBF5922E 7.9 Cubic-Foot Gun Safe


What sets this 528-pound gun safe apart from its competitors is its high fire rating and overall compactness. If you want a safe that does not require much space, you have got to seriously consider it. It has excellent all-steel construction, and the overall build is praiseworthy. The brass spoke handle really looks elegant, and this safe can hold 14 rifles. The only reason we placed this one at the second spot is because it costs significantly more than the first model. In fact, in some stores, it may cost a bit over 1000 dollars. It has excellent customer reviews to say the least.



3. Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe


This is neither the heaviest nor the largest safe in this list. Yet, this one is an excellent bargain for the money you pay for it. The 3 adjustable shelves that come with it work great, and the electronic lock features operational lights for open, incorrect entry and low-battery warning. The keypad is touch entry, which is a plus. The great thing about this safe is that it can quite easily fit inside closets. Also, the task of mounting it to the floor using various mechanisms is simple, as well.



4. SnapSafe Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Titan 12+ Gun Safe


This 310-pound gun safe features decent steel gauge and comes with 2300F fire shield capacity for 1 hour. The door has 8 locking bolts, and the modular design supports easy transportation and quick assembly. We love how it looks from the outside, and most of its users are super happy with the build quality. What’s more is SnapSafe has a very sincere customer support team. Well, you may feel that it is slightly overpriced. Other than that, it is a truly capable safe.



5. Mesa Safe MFL3020EE Dual-Compartment Depository Safe


This is our final recommendation. Note that it is not a very popular model, which is the sole reason we placed it at last. But if you are willing to look past that, you really get great value for your money when you bring it home. This all-steel firearm safe features battery-operated electronic-lock, and comes with anti-fish baffle. It looks quite modern from the outside, and there are actually 2 compartments, which is a bit unique considering the price range. Overall, an excellent product that you should definitely consider.



(The above gun cabinets were picked only after comparing several factors, including price, newness, popularity and features, of over 31 well-known options.)

Gun Safe Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

Everyone who owns a firearm or other weapon carries a responsibility to keep their weapons safely locked away from potential unauthorized access by thieves and children.

There is no easier way to keep prying eyes from finding your firearms than by purchasing one of the many gun safes for sale. You may wonder, “How does one know which gun safe is the best for their needs?”

The answer is a combination of features, each essential in it’s own right, and each important to the ultimate selection of the right gun safe for you.

The size and weight of a gun safe can make or break the decision for some buyers. Compact safes are best for those who want to conceal a pistol or handgun under the bed, in the closet, or in a vehicle, and can often be used for transporting weapons as well.

Gun safe cabinets, on the other hand, hold longer barrelled weapons like rifles and shotguns, or large quantities of firearms, both small and large.

Gun safe cabinets can be heavy and take up more space, but are ideal for collectors who have multiple firearms to protect, and want to keep their ammunition and accessories safe as well.

The construction and wall thickness of a safe will both determine its durability and provide a sense of security against potential theft due to inferior build.

Also important for consideration are the ratings given a particular gun safe regarding its resistance to damage by weather and fire. Finally, the different locking mechanisms available are almost as various as the number of gun safes for sale.

Ranging from basic lock-and-key and combination locks to technologically advanced models with biometric finger-print scanners and voice recognition, each owner can find a safe that meets their individual desire and taste.

By reading gun safe reviews and examining the details about each potential choice, a gun owner can be certain they are receiving a quality gun safe that will help to protect their weapons and function well for their needs.

Regardless of the selection you make, it is imperative that you invest in a gun safe to keep your weapons in the right hands.

Judge based on the space you have available, the readiness you require of your weapons, the number of firearms you own, and the gun type- then find the best balance of price and quality for your budget and select the locking mechanism that most appeals to you.

You will rest peacefully at night knowing that only you can gain access to your artillery and ammunition

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Gun safe brands reviewed on

This site seeks to provide honest and in-depth reviews about the most possible gun safes available today. We have scanned the market and included on our page you will find information on several safes by top makers Stack-On, Winchester, Titan, and Boyt.

Alongside the top makers, you’ll find detailed descriptions of gun vaults by SentrySafe, Blackhawk, and V-Line.

Additionally, safes by Falcon, American Furniture Classics, Homegear, Condor, Shot Lock, GunVault, American Security and many more will be described. Some of the brands you see on our site will be new to you, and some will be familiar names in the industry.

Regardless of the popularity of the brand, we will give an honest interpretation of the facts, granting our readers a key to unlocking the best deal for their needs.

If you have been searching on shopping and auction sites and can’t seem to figure out which brand of gun safe will be the best choice for your collection of weapons and ammunition, feel free to browse  the safes created by  all of these companies as well as 9G, Fort Knox,  Plano, and Armloc to compare all of the essential elements of each selection before making a purchase of your own.

We review a number of gun safes for sale right here on our site!

Why buy a gun safe?

A gun safe is more than just a designated spot to store your weapon.

Whether you are storing one small handgun or an entire arsenal of long-barrelled shotguns and rifles, it is necessary to have a secure place to store your collection and the ammunition and accessories that go along with it.

The most common use for a gun safe, also as its most important function of all, is to keep your firearms and other valuables out of the wrong hands. An unsecured weapon can lead to any of a number of bad scenarios.

It is your responsibility to ensure against your children gaining access to your guns.

Just the same, no one wants to find that their weapons have been compromised by an intruder, and potentially used against them during a home invasion.

A gun that is not protected by a gun safe can fall into the hands of someone who uses it in the commission of a crime, leading to unwanted attention on the owner by the authorities and potential criminal prosecution.

Under any of these circumstances, the outcome could be avoided if only the weapon in question was under lock and key, or even fingerprint protected.

Using a gun safe can also offer protection for your firearms from far more than just unauthorized access by other people. A gun safe is a place where they will not be affected by outside elements, such as weather, fire, and dust.

The interior coating of a safe, be it padded or carpeted, will provide a spot for your expensive and prized possessions where they will not be scratched or dented.  Some gun safes even offer interior vaults for storing jewelry, money, and important documents as well as gun parts, scopes, ammo, and more.

All of these features are essential for keeping your guns in working condition for the lifetime of the firearm, guaranteeing that when you need to use your weapon, it operates as it should, and is available in time to make a difference.

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Best Gun Safes Under $1000: Top 5
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