Best Metal Detectors Under $1000: Top 5

Are you tired of using cheap metal detectors that only locate huge items and are good for nothing else? Well, if you are, we don’t blame you. Except for a few models found in the 100 bestselling metal detectors list, inexpensive detectors can quickly get to your nerves. But it is great that you are taking a step forward and considering top detectors that cost near $1000. For under a thousand dollars, the following 5 metal detectors are your best bets:

1. Fisher F75 Metal Detector


We are still confused why Fisher decided to price it near 1000 dollars instead of pricing it a bit higher, but that is good news. It has everything required for most types of use. The depth is extraordinary, and the machine is truly lightweight. Further, the LCD is able to provide accurate information in most cases. Other than that, its non-volatile memory saves settings, and the battery life is such that the detector can operate for over 40 hours. It has good ergonomics overall, and we found that its LCD size is bigger than most of its direct competitors, which is certainly a big plus.



2. Garrett AT Pro Spring Sports Pack Special


Very similar to the AT Gold Adventure Pack, what makes this one a bargain is the number of useful accessories you get inside the package. The metal detector comes with two coils – one small and one large. While the former is useful to find nuggets and other small items, the latter works amazingly well for coins and such. There are 40 different iron discrimination levels, which is fantastic. Also, the versatility of this model allows you to use it for pretty much anything, including relics, gold nuggets and coins. No wonder it has many excellent customer reviews, and almost no negative feedback.



3. Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector


You may think that you have used great detectors to find gold in the past, and maybe you have. But wait till you use it. This one can be regarded as the most capable gold detector below $1000 in 2016 on many levels. Even the experts who hunt gold regularly recommend it whole-heartedly. Its 71kHz sensitivity allows you to locate even the tiniest of objects. Resistant to moisture and dust, this item weighs just 2.9-pounds. It does not look too similar to conventional metal detectors, but it certainly works better than those.



4. Garrett Metal Detector GTI 2500 Pro-Package


You may think we are in love with Garrett or something, and truth be told, it is hard to not love a company that makes excellent products, as well as provides reliable after-sales support. This model has amazing depth, and it is mostly loved for having a huge number of settings and modes. That is, it suits all occasions without any problem. Also, the item is far easier to use than many other similarly-priced options. Further, you get a number of very useful accessories inside the package. We very highly recommend it.



5. Minelab X-Terra 705-Gold Universal Metal Detector


You have probably never heard of it. It is not a very popular model. What it is, however, is an excellent metal detector that works nicely almost universally. The Digital VFLEX technology allows you to alter frequency quickly by changing coil, and false ground noises are eliminated by its True Auto Ground Balance. Further, there are two pinpoint modes to make your searches easier and engaging. Minelab is a highly-regarded brand, and you will love this product.



(The above metal detectors were picked only after comparing several factors, including price, newness, popularity, depth, sensitivity and features, of over 28 well-known options.)


Best Metal Detectors Under $1000: Top 5
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