Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000: Top 5

With many popular artists like Tim Alexander, Nicholas Barker, Rob Bourdon, Warren Cann and others using electronic drums, it is not surprising that these drums have gotten hugely popular among the general population. Although in 1976, you would have the option to go for only the first commercial electronic drum set called the Pollard Syndrum, thankfully, these days there are many options. But, choosing a single one from among hundreds of products is not easy, not even when you view the bestselling drums. So, after considering a number of major aspects and going through customer reviews and specifications, we have decided that the following sets are the best ones you can get under $1000:

1. Yamaha DTX-450K Electronic Drum Kit


Up first on the list is an offering from Yamaha – the DTX-450K. This model features close to 300 different and unique sounds and samples, and a HH65 remote high hat that allows for hi-hat samples and sounds. On top of that, it also hosts the new 3-zone TP70S 3-Zone snare pad, 7.5-inch durable drum pads, 10 preset kits and 10 interactive training functions. To make things even more pleasing, you get voice guidance, 10 play-along songs, and the ability to download new songs via USB. It was not hard to choose it as the best, especially since the customer reviews are extremely positive. It is more popular than most of its direct rivals, too.


2. Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set


We believe that this fantastic offering from Roland deserves to be on the second spot. This set features high-quality SuperNatural sound, and comes with acclaimed V-Cymbals. The addition of the Natural Feel kick pad is a nice touch. Moreover, to allow for added versatility, this set also boasts of 4 pad mounts and one high hat arm. It is regularly seen in the top 100 drum sets list too. We are not alone in loving this set, because the customer reviews are extremely positive as well. Just click on the picture to read the glowing user reviews.


3. Alesis DM10 Studio Kit 6-Piece Electronic Drum Set


This DM10 premium electronic drum set, with HD drum module, is proving to be extremely popular amongst keen drummers of all ages. It features dual-zone 8 and 10 inch pads, a HD sound library of a whole variety of different sounds, and samples from real drums and cymbals. Further, the ability to load third-party custom samples and sounds via USB make it cool. Other features are 12 inch high-hat and good value for money. Overall, we highly recommend it.


4. Roland HD-3 V-Drums Lite Electronic Drum Kit


This set is designed to be used by drummers of all ages and abilities. This set is extremely compact, but do not let that fool you, because it packs a real punch and sounds absolutely stunning. With 20 separate preset kits, all with unique dedicated select buttons, this one is truly user-friendly. Moreover, with the backlit LCD display screen, this set is extremely easy to operate. As far as external appearance goes, it looks pretty amazing. There is also a beater-less kick with a low acoustic noise for improved playing feel, as well as dual trigger pads to improve overall playability. However, it is not the best compared to the above models.


5. Yamaha DTX-430K Electronic Drum Set


In the fifth spot is this fantastic piece from Yamaha. This set comes with detailed instructions, and the build quality is good. The drum sticks are truly capable, and with 169 studio quality drum sounds and 127 instrument sounds, this is a real treat. You get 10 tracks that you can play along, too. All in all, this set has a little something for everybody, and it does not lack versatility. There are a number of configurations that allow you to follow a whole variety of different musical styles, from jazz and reggae, to rock and pop. But if you love popular items, avoid this.


(The above drum sets were picked only after comparing several factors, including price, newness, popularity and features, of over 28 well-known options.)


Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000: Top 5
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