Best Electric Guitars Under $1000: Top 5

Guitars are very personal possessions, and hence, the most certain way of buying an excellent guitar is to look at the list of top-rated electric guitars below 1000, and pick the one that appeals to you the most. But if you want expert recommendations, then these are the ones we recommend the most:

1. Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar


Fender guitars are regularly featured on the top 100 electric guitars list, so most probably you have already heard of this guitar. Don’t be surprised that we picked it as our top choice. Yes, it is a classic, and yes, it is a very well-known model, but that is only because it is a great guitar. The best part about this instrument is its impeccable finish. Most likely you will not get great out-of-the-box playability, but all you need is a little adjustment. The satin-finished neck is a delight to hold on to, and the 9.5-inch freeboard radius does a satisfactory job. If you want a guitar that feels good on your hands and lets you play many different styles, go for it without a second thought.



2. Schecter Synyster Gates Custom Electric Guitar


The presence of the Original Floyd Rose Tremolo makes this guitar a bit unique, and even though it does not look too great, it still has the ability to charm a room with its looks. Especially, the presence of silver pinstripes makes it quite gorgeous. You get a limited lifetime guarantee, and the guitar has the ability to remain in tune better than most of its direct competitors. It is true that Fenders and Gibsons have better reputation overall, but this one is a truly good model to consider. The very similar Gretsch G5420T is a fine option, too.



3. Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty 3 Electric Guitar


A guitar that will attract envious looks wherever and whenever, this Les Paul has craftsmanship that makes you wonder in awe. As far as playability goes, it is one of the easiest-to-play models in this price range. Making adjustments is easy, and it stays in tune without any problem. The rosewood fretboard truly looks elegant, and its overall black glossy finish gives you a sense of pride every time your friends visit you.



4. PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar


Looking at this model, most probably you are wondering – ‘What! This guitar is not even popular!’ But wait; do not be so quick to judge. We analyzed over 24 models when preparing this post, and we found this guitar to provide excellent value for money from all angles. It looks fantastic, and it plays fantastic. It is one of the most versatile electric guitars you will find under 1000 dollars. And the fact that PRS is always ready to stand by its products makes it all the more desirable.



5. EVH Striped Series Electric Guitar


Even though we regard the Paul Reed Smith CM4TSPRS very highly, we had to choose this one as our last recommendation due to various factors. We picked it mostly due to its ability to produce excellent tunes. In addition, simply put, this one provides better value for money compared to the Paul Reed. In fact, it can easily compete with many guitars priced $1500 or more. It looks better physically than it does in pictures, and the neck has been excellently designed to increase playing ease.



(The above electric guitars were picked only after comparing several factors, including price, newness, popularity and features, of over 28 well-known options.)


Best Electric Guitars Under $1000: Top 5
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