Best Digital Pianos Under $1000: Top 5

Did you ever want a digital piano that could perform like a Grand Piano? If yes, then you may want to bookmark this page. To be frank, not many digital models can resemble the kind of sound produced by real pianos. Thankfully, there are some that get pretty close though. We examined the top models available under $1000, and ended up choosing the 5 listed below as the most logical choices. Note that these are not like ‘real’ pianos, so don’t get your hopes up too high. Still, if you are dead set on getting a digital and do not want to spend more than a thousand bucks, these are your best bets:

1. Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano


This piano is at the top of the list for a reason – its quality is at an impeccable level. It is an Amazon No. 1 Bestseller as well, making it the most sought after model under 1000 dollars. The instrument is sampled by none other than Yamaha’s widely acclaimed CFIIIS concert grand, which gives a whole new meaning to quality. Good thing is, it has a very accessible price of no more than 900 dollars in most stores. People love its sleek design and it is a top contender for the best digital piano of this year. Moreover, it provides enough horsepower for a dropout-free performance while layering two voices and playing two-handed, sustained chords, meaning that it has 128-note polyphony. If you decide to buy this set, you will be extremely pleased with its durability and its functionality.



2. Casio PX780 Privia 88-Key Digital Home Piano


At the second place, we have the Casio PX780 Privia 88-Key Digital Home Piano. What sets this piano apart from all the competition is its Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action with Ebony and Ivory keys. It is an insanely durable and functional set, and you would be pleased to have it in your collection. However, some people have issues with the slightly higher price, which can surpass a thousand dollars. But even if you pay a bit higher, you will be getting a great deal all in all.



3. Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano


This stage piano sets itself apart because of its one of a kind state-of-the-art AWM tone generation system. It is one of the most functional and well-built models out there, and can last for years and years without ever getting broken. However, a few customers take issue with its design – there is no support for the keyboard itself. Its price is on the steep side, ranging anywhere from 1000-1500 dollars, so that may be a problem. Anyway, you can rest assured that you will get your dollars’ worth if you purchase this stage piano. Also, make sure that you take a look at the very similar Yamaha P105B.



4. Yamaha DGX640C Digital Piano


The Yamaha DGX640C makes it well worth the investment because of its sleek, elegant style, with its light brown color. People that appreciate aesthetics agree that this model looks lovely in their living room, and that it gives the room a whole new aura. Moreover, it features amazingly realistic and dynamic sounds. It is not so technologically advanced as the number one on this list, but still well worth the investment.



5. Casio PX750 Touch Sensitive Privia with USB Connectivity


To conclude this top five digital pianos list, we have Casio PX750 BK 88-Key Touch Sensitive Privia with USB Connectivity. First thing is first – it boasts of 8 tones with Split / Layer Capability, as well as 128 Note Polyphony. As the name suggests, it has USB connectivity, as well. The quality of the keys is good, although a bit resistant and sturdy. But overall, it is a relatively cheap piano below 1000 dollars that offers top quality sound. You would do well to get it and use it as a means to add more music in your life.



So that’s it – the five most amazing digital pianos that come below 1000 bucks. If you have read the customer reviews using the links provided, then you must be thinking the same by now. In case you want some more nice options, be sure to visit this page.

Best Digital Pianos Under $1000: Top 5
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