Best Hunting Binoculars Under $1000: Top 5

More often than not, the one thing that determines whether you successfully shoot your target or miss it is your hunting binocular. Unless you possess a truly capable binocular, hunting can become a tough chore instead of something that gives you great pleasure. But which are the top 5 binoculars for hunting under $1000? Have you ever wondered? If yes, you will find your answer below:

1. Canon 12×36 Image Stabilization II Binoculars


This is one of the most popular binoculars ever made in the history of hunting optics. No wonder, it gets featured among the top 100 binoculars pretty often. The best part about this binocular set is its image stabilization. Even when you use the 12x zoom to the fullest, the images are clear and stable. Plus, Canon seems to have done a tremendous job in building a power-saving model that can work for as long as 4 hours continuously. Other notable features include non-slip water-resistant coating, doublet field-flattener, and Canon’s vari-angle prism. The only downside is that this pair of lightweight binoculars does not appear to be too expensive from a distance.



2. Pentax DCF ED Series Hunting Binoculars


Some people may find the design of this Pentax a bit too plain, but that does not change the fact that it is an incredibly great piece of optics, especially compared to its direct competitors. This waterproof binocular set with ED glass has excellent reviews all over the internet, and you will have a hard time finding negative reviews for it. If you want a serious set of hunting binoculars that allows you to view your targets with absolute clarity, you should get it right away. The lens this set has can easily compete with certain lenses that cost double its price, and we are not even kidding.



3. Pulsar Edge GS Super 1 + 2.7X50 Binoculars


Now this set has been mainly designed for purposes other than hunting. But if you want great night vision, this is the only truly capable piece you will find in this price range. With R-contact optical system, this set provides excellent viewing ability. It comes equipped with auto bright source protection, and the build quality is second to none considering its price. It is quite compact, and it looks great as well. Now we know that Pulsar is not the most popular name in the binocular industry, but give it a chance. You will not be disappointed. It is selling like a hot cake at present.



4. Brunton Eterna Full-Size 11×45 Binoculars


Not the lightest or the best-looking out of the lot perhaps, but this binocular offers more value for your money than most of its competitors can ever hope for. If your primary concern is getting clear images, then this set seriously deserves your full attention, nothing less. Little touches, like neoprene neckstrap, BaK-4 prism glass, AL reflective coating etc., make this set a truly remarkable contender. This water-proof and fog-proof set also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Be sure to consider it before making your final purchase decision.



5. Minox Comfort Bridge 62195 BL 8×44 BR Binoculars


If you wear glasses, you should go for this model with your eyes closed. That is because hunters who wear glasses absolutely love this set. It has excellent field of view, and the colors appear really sharp and smooth. Even in challenging lighting, this does not disappoint. Further, its Compact Bridge design enables you to hold it comfortably with just one hand. It looks a bit boring, granted; but that is not a legitimate excuse to not go for it. For a binocular under 1000 dollars, this one really deserves a pat on the back.



(The above binoculars were picked only after comparing several factors, including price, newness, popularity and features, of over 24 well-known options.)

Best Hunting Binoculars Under $1000: Top 5
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