Best Acoustic Violins Under $1000: Top 5

Have you ever looked at the top 100 acoustic violins list and wondered which of the listed models produced the warmest and richest sound? If yes, you will find the top 5 violins under $1000 truly fascinating:

1. Cremona SV-1400 Maestro Soloist Violin


Due to the remarkable quality of this instrument, selecting it as the top violin was pretty easy. It is far better than its direct competitors in many ways. The moment you set your eyes on this Violin, you can instantly feel the delicate craftsmanship. The Dark Hill Boxwood fittings are not the only things that make it look fabulous. The beautifully hand-carved spruce top, the elegant ebony fingerboard, the Sacconi tailpiece hanger, all play significant roles in its overall appearance. But do not get too mesmerized by its looks only, because it sounds as great as it looks too. Even though it is not very highly priced, it can still deliver professional quality sounds to some extent.



2. Kennedy Franke Henner Violin


This violin provides very good value for money. The highlight of this violin is its hand-crafted Aubert bridge, which gets custom-fitted to each set. Note that setup is done professionally for free, which is certainly something to love about this set. The great thing is, you get genuine ebony finish that not only looks gorgeous, but also feels wonderful on your hands. Further, when it comes to sound, you get that rich and deep tune. The flamed maple back looks pretty, too. Overall, a truly capable violin that celebrates quality all the way.



3. Snow SV200 4/4 Dominique Case and Bow Violin


Currently this set is not very popular, but since the start of 2016 its popularity has been increasing rapidly. You get a beautiful Snow Dominique bow inside the package when you buy this violin – a bow made from Brazilian wood. You also get a nicely-crafted Dominique case. Having Italian spruce top and maple back, this instrument can provide beautiful sound. In fact, if you do not know what it costs, you may mistake it as costing far more than what it actually does. The incredible thing about this one is that it feels high-quality too. Whether you perform on the stage or show it to your friends, the quality always impresses.



4. Antonio Giuliani Violin Outfit from Kennedy Violins


Trust us when we say this: this violin is one of the most gorgeous violins you will ever see in your lifetime. The reddish-brown varnish looks so beautiful that you want to keep staring. You do not have to set it up yourself either, because professional setup is included with the price. The workmanship truly fascinates you on many levels, and this set is one of the few violins below 1000 dollars that can actually pull off warmth of tone. Whether you purchase it or not is another story, but at least have a look at it.



5. Yamaha Model 5 Outfit 4/4 Violin


While Yamaha is mostly respected for crafting impressive electric violins, a few acoustics made by the brand provide great value, too. This solid carved spruce top violin has maple on the back and the sides, and it looks beautiful because of that. You get rosewood tuning pegs, and the tailpiece is well-finished. The package contains a cordura-cover case, rosin, and bow. We cannot promise you that it will compete with models that cost more, but for the price you pay for it, it is worth every bit of attention.



(The above violins were picked only after comparing several factors, including price, newness, popularity and features, of over 26 well-known options.)


Best Acoustic Violins Under $1000: Top 5
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