Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000: Top 3

If you can spend $1000 for an acoustic guitar, then most probably you are super confused regarding which ones to consider and which ones to avoid. Frankly put, there are just too many options in this price range. So, we went on to read reviews, recommendations, expert views, and compared features, prices and some other aspects of the most popular acoustic guitars below $1000. In the end, we picked these 3 as the best acoustic guitars for 1000 dollars:

Martin GPCPA5K – HPL Koa Natural Guitar


Actually an acoustic-electric, it is easy to confuse this model for a higher priced Martin. That is because the Hybrid ‘X’ bracing that is found in it is same as that seen on expensive Martin models. With a Sitka spruce top, this guitar is able to unleash full and very balanced sound. The strings are spaced apart quite comfortably and its construction aspects are pretty spectacular. We love that it comes tuned, and that it feels very familiar on the hands of anyone who has past experience with Martins. This is a deal that you cannot say no to. We are proud to announce it as the best option under $1000.

Amazon Score: 4.9 out of 5 stars



Godin A6 Two-Chambered Ultra Natural Guitar


The second on our list is this North American guitar which features a beautiful Mahogany neck from Honduras. This is a guitar that will make you think why you didn’t buy it sooner. The guitar has decent playability, and although it does not look amazing or astonishing, the appearance part is good enough to make you smile or satisfied. This guitar provides very clean sound, and is light to carry around. With double-action truss rod and fine construction from its top to bottom, this one is a truly able guitar for its price.

Amazon Score: 5.0 out of 5 stars



Seagull Coastline S6 Slim CW Spruce QI Guitar


A number of features make this guitar an attractive option. For instance, it has double-action truss rod, tapered headstock, compensated saddle and pressure tested top. Coming from Seagull’s Coastline Series, this guitar looks fabulous. In fact, it will be nearly impossible for you to find flaws related to design. Overall playability is decent enough to keep beginners and intermediates hooked, and its crisp sound really captures the room’s attention. Do not be fooled that it costs lower than the other two models listed here. It is every bit as good as the above two models, even though priced lower.

Amazon Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars



Even though we are positive that the above models are your best bets, we encourage you to take a look at the Recording King RAJ-126-SN, too.


Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000: Top 3
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