Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under $1000: Top 5

Today, acoustic electric guitars have evolved a lot from its first variant, the 1966 Ovation Roundback; and it has become a lot harder to choose a good guitar than it was a few years ago. That is why, after comparing more than 27 guitars using various factors like customer reviews, features, brand appeal etc., we compiled this top 5 list for those who are thinking of buying an acoustic electric below $1000. We made this list only after closely examining the top 100 acoustic electric list. Here goes:

1. Martin GPCPA5K – HPL Koa Natural Guitar


If you have noticed, the GPCPA5K – HPL Koa Natural is often preferred by professional guitarists. It is made up of a solid Sitka spruce top, along with high pressure laminate back and sides. It has beautiful Koa pattern, and its precision is high owing to the use of Neck and Fishman’s F1 Analog High Performance electronics. When you play it in a quiet room, it instantly becomes clear that the instrument has the ability to challenge much costlier models, including its direct counterparts. This is our top choice.


2. Yamaha NCX1200R Rosewood Acoustic Electric Guitar


Yamaha makes excellent guitars, which is evident from the fact that several Yamaha models are featured every day on the 100 bestselling guitars list. The NXC1200R does not look much different from other top Yamaha guitars, especially in terms of body thickness and neck shape. Its 12th fret joint and fingerboard width are also quite similar to other Yamaha models. However, it is more flexible than other guitars in this price range. That is because it has lower string height and cutaway body. It seems like Yamaha has designed this guitar keeping professionals in mind. Yet, the instrument is suitable for regular use. Also, its shape is such that you do not feel tired even after using it for long durations.


3. Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Electric Guitar


The combination of cedar and mahogany makes it a great sounding guitar. It can emit softer musical notes with ease. The guitar can accompany folk songs charismatically, too. In addition, the mid ranged tunes are prominently emitted, thanks to its smaller and narrower body. It features the Gordon EPM Quantum II acoustic system, which is a hybrid system combining high quality electrets and saddle transducer. Users love its LED display with high quality digital chromatic tuner. Overall, this Canadian guitar is a truly fun company.


4. Takamine Pro Series EF341SC Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar


The fourth in our list is the EF341SC. It is an electric acoustic guitar suitable for players who want natural acoustic tune. It is roadworthy, it features stunning looks, and it can handle high sound pressure levels with grace. It is an intricately designed piece, made up of maple at the back and sides. Its cutaway body style allows easier access while playing. Although the guitar works best for playing solo, you can use it in groups, too.


5. Taylor 2012 214ce Rosewood/Spruce Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar


The Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium Guitar is our last choice. The quality of Rosewood and Spruce used in this model is truly remarkable. You can actually feel the quality in tunes. This electric acoustic guitar is best suited for players looking for sound that is a bit intense. One thing you will notice instantly about this model is that it has a unique shape, which makes it easy to hold and play, even while standing. Mostly preferred by live performers, this guitar can take care of amateurs as well. It is a good one overall, but we still feel that it may be best to go for any of the first three guitars listed.


(The above guitars were picked only after comparing several factors, including price, newness, popularity and features, of over 27 well-known options.)

Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under $1000: Top 5
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