Titan Gun Safe


If what you’re seeking is the best gun safe for your handgun, look no further than the TITAN Gun Safe.

It’s got a compact, portable or permanent design which offers security and convenience along with a well-made, quality gun piece of necessary equipment for any gun owner.

Made in the U.S.A and granted two patents for its unique features, gun safe reviews have been abuzz about the TITAN. It’s  reliability and originality have made it among the most popular gun safes currently for sale.

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Size & Weight: (10/10)

Intended to securely conceal and protect handguns such as pistols, derringers, and revolvers, this compact gun safe is a mere 10 lbs, which makes it a great grab-and-go safety measure.

At 11 x 8 x 2.5 inches, it is super-compact; perfect for mounting under the bed, in the car, on the boat, or even for use as a transportation vault thanks to its convenient carrying handle.

The size of this tough little safe makes it ideal for both men and women.

Construction & Wall Thickness: (8/10)

Manufactured out of hardened 14 gauge steel, the TITAN Gun Safe meets all the Department of

Justice requirements, including the 250-pound vault door pull test, 120 stroke hacksaw attack with 10 lb load , impact and drop tests, and resistance to lock manipulation.

Those who have purchased this gun safe repeatedly rave about its sturdy feel and quality construction. Produced with a built-in clutch in the knob, this is among the most tamper-resistant gun safes for sale.

Brackets included will enable you to mount this gun safe to almost anything, and a quick-release lever inside the safe makes removing it a breeze.

Locking Method & Speed of Access: (10/10)

While some prefer a bio-metric locking mechanism, the best gun safes available often offer a simple approach. Such is the case with this product, and its Simplex push-button locking mechanism.

With fast access to your firearm via the battery-free combination lock system, you’ll feel ready for anything and have no need to worry about electrical malfunction, leftover fingerprints, or dead batteries.

With over 2,200 possible combinations for the lock, you can rest assured that cracking the code is not possible without great efforts.

The enclosed gun and holster will move out of the safe as you open it, without using springs, putting the weapon in your hands faster than a traditional gun safe.

This feature is adjustable to guns of different sizes, and the door can also be adjusted to remain open if you desire.

Fire & Flood Protection: (8/10)

With resistance to any weather condition, you can be certain this gun safe isn’t going to fail you at an inopportune moment. Unlike some electronic locks that can’t get wet, the combination lock of this gun safe is unaffected by water.

The thick steel housing of this gun safe will protect your handgun from fire as well, all while keeping your gun safely tucked away from children or other unauthorized users.

Our Rating: (9/10)

After much research and testing, it’s been hard to find any reason to criticize the TITAN Gun Safe. It is the ideal purchase for anyone who is looking for a quality gun safe for their handgun.

With easy access to your firearm and a simple yet effective locking mechanism, it is no surprise that gun safe reviews rank this gun so highly.

Some biometric gun safes can be opened without the owner being present if fingerprints remain on the pad, but the TITAN’s Simplex locking system requires no fingerprints, and cannot be electronically manipulated or picked.

Portable, lightweight, and secure, owners can rest assured that their weapon will be available whenever and wherever it is needed, and that neither the elements nor tiny hands will gain access to it.


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Titan Gun Safe

Titan Gun Safe

Size & Weight


    Construction & Wall Thickness


      Locking Method & Speed of Access


        Fire & Flood Protection



          • Gives easy access to your loaded firearms while keeping the weapon out of the hands of others
          • Install it in a variety of places including under your bed or desk, closet or vehicle, boat or RV
          • Battery-less, all mechanical lock system