Falcon Fast Box Gun Safe


Whether you own a single firearm or have a collection, chances are you have a handy side-arm at your bedside for added home security.

Many gun owners end up stashing rifles under the mattress and pistols in their bedside drawers for ease of access, only to have them stolen or worse- found by curious children.

The key element in balancing the need for security and the ability to draw your weapon quickly during home invasions it to own a top of the line rifle safe like the Falcon Fast Box.  This gun safe has been described as “A tank,” and allows a firearm to be available when you need it, and not accessible to anyone else.

With multiple placement options include bed and locker-style mounting; this applications for this safe are as various as the guns it can hold.

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Size & Weight: (9/10)

The perfect size for under the bed or in the bedroom closet, the Fast Box measures 6.5 inches long, 47 inches wide, and 13.25 inches high.

With the potential to hold guns up to 46.5 inches, this vault holds either two weapons in a standing position, or 1 weapon with additional ammunition when mounted horizontally.

Deep enough to hold assault style rifles with scope attachments and ammo, At just over 50 pounds, this safe is considerably lighter than some gun cabinets, and allows for more concealed placement.

This safe is also well-sized for storage in the trunk of your car.

Construction & Wall Thickness: (9/10)

Falcon designed this gun safe under contract with the United States Special Forces, and it shows when the build of this model is scrutinized.

With 14 gauge steel housing coated with a textured powder coat finish, the exterior sends a clear “Stay out” message.

The interior boasts a patented gun holding mechanism known as the SecureIt Saddle and ample consideration to holding necessary accessories for your trusty go-to gun.

Locking Method & Speed of Access: (10/10)

You can rest peacefully knowing that your firearm is secured away from unauthorized users and children when you entrust them to the solid steel chamber of the Falcon Fast Box.

Featuring a silent programmable electronic locking mechanism and SecureIt Saddle, you can easily gain access to your weapon undetected in seconds, and be ready to defend yourself before an intruder realizes that you’re even awake.

Additional ease of access is gained when you consider the versatility of this gun vault, and it’s ability to be placed in any room of your home in a relatively hidden manner.

Fire & Flood Protection: (6/10)

The solid steel housing of this gun safe provides the necessary barrier from dust, humidity, and fire that will prevent your weapon from being ruined by exposure to these elements.

One of the only downsides to this safe is its lack of an alternative locking mechanism, as the electronic lock could be compromised in the event of a flood or other contact with large quantities of liquid.

Our Rating: (8.2/10)

Any gun owner who relies on a bedside or closet-hidden rifle can benefit from owning the Falcon Fast Box rifle safe, rated among the top gun safes for sale among gun safe reviews.

Whether you’re goal is to have a weapon handy in the event of a home invasion or you just need a place to stash your one or two larger firearms that doesn’t take up an entire wall or call too much attention to itself, you will find yourself loving the secure feeling you get when you shut the door to one of the best gun safes.

Punching in your code on the silent keypad, you’ll always know that only you have access to your guns, and tucking your children in at night will feel a bit safer. You can’t go wrong if you choose this rifle safe!


Falcon Fast Box Gun Safe
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Falcon Fast Box Gun Safe

Falcon Fast Box Gun Safe

Size & Weight


    Construction & Wall Thickness


      Locking Method & Speed of Access


        Fire & Flood Protection



          • Provides fast access to your primary defense weapon.
          • Mounts to bed frame, hardware included.
          • Store 2 rifles vertically or 1 horizontally