Best Crossbows Under $1000: Top 5

To those who have no relation with crossbows, it often seems like buying a good crossbow is no job at all. But only archers and seasoned hunters know how hard it can be to select a good crossbow. Viewing the bestselling crossbows of the month does little good, and the daily top 100 list only confuses you more. It took us quite a while to read customer reviews, compare features and prices, and analyze many other aspects of some of the top crossbows to finally come up with this list of the best 5 crossbows under 1000 dollars:

1. Excalibur Matrix 380 260-Pound Crossbow with Realtree Xtra


Excalibur has been making crossbows since 1983, and during the past 30 years, the company has improved its craft significantly. With 260-pounds of draw weight, and 380 FPS of velocity, the Matrix 380 is as best as it gets for thousand bucks. The Ergo-Grip stock is worth falling in love with, and so is the Realtree Xtra finish. Weighing just 12-pounds, this bow has been described with words like ‘awesome’, ‘great’, ‘deadly’, best’, ‘crazy’ and hundreds of other compelling adjectives. Also, do not forget about Excalibur’s lifetime warranty! You will understand how great this product is only after reading the customer reviews after clicking the image.



2. Carbon Express 20261 Intercept Axon Crossbow Kit


The Michigan-based Carbon Express makes decent arrow equipments. The 20261 Intercept Crossbow, however, is more than just decent. It is phenomenal for its price, which becomes self-evident when you view its direct competitors. Its Picatinny design is attractive, and it is one of the most adjustable bows we have found till date. Unsurprisingly, the company calls it the ‘ONLY’ totally customizable crossbow. It comes with 3 arrow quivers, 3 crossbolts and 3 practice points. With draw weight of 175-pounds and FPS of 360, this 8.3-pound crossbow gives you enthusiasm. Customers love its lightweight design, brilliant adjustability, and deadly accuracy. We highly recommend it.



3. Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Package


If you have been involved in hunting for a while, then Barnett must sound familiar to you, since the brand makes excellent bows. This Barnett model has 185-pounds of draw weight, but that is not what makes it special. What makes it special is its 410 FPS speed! The design is extremely lightweight, with 7.3-pounds being the actual weight. This one is selling like hot cakes, and we understand why. This crossbow is the most popular product in this list. If you like blazing fast speed and love the name Barnett, go for it.



4. Excalibur 240-Pound Matrix 355 Crossbow Package


Again from Excalibur, this crossbow has everything required to be great – lightweight style, astonishing accuracy and simple operation. It can move with a speed of 355 feet per second, and its 240-pounds of draw weight makes it quite deadly. The Realtree Xtra finish truly looks beautiful, too. Overall, it can be described as Compact Recurve Technology at its best. If value for money is your concern, this model will serve you well.



5. Barnett 78230 Ghost 385 CRT Rev Crossbow


There is a reason we listed another Barnett. A number of things make the 78230 special, like the anti dry-fire safety system, camo stock finish, finger guard, crank cocking device integration and Patented Carbon Riser Technology. The bow is extremely beautiful when you examine it closely. The product weighs 13-pounds, and has a draw weight of 185-pounds. We recommend it for its power, accuracy and build quality.



Based on our research, we can say that the above 5 are the best crossbows you can buy for less than 1000 bucks.


Best Crossbows Under $1000: Top 5
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